Video instruction

In the video you can see the complete sample collection for the AProof® antibody test and the result retrieval.

When to test?

Generally, antibodies are produced 10-14 days after infection and can be reliably detected after this time. Therefore, you should take samples at least 2 weeks and preferably 3 to 4 weeks after a suspected infection.

Clean .

with an alcohol wipe

Use the sterile alcohol wipe to clean your fingertip.

Sample .

with a lancet

The sampling set is provided with an automatic lancet. Unlock the lancet by twisting the safety cap, place it on the side of the chosen fingertip and press it firmly.

Collect samples .

on a filter paper card

Just a few drops of capillary blood need to be dropped on the enclosed filter paper card (2 circles will be sufficient). Allow the samples to dry for at least 60 minutes. Stop the bleeding of your fingertip with the pad and apply a plaster.

Pack .

in an envelope

Put the filter paper card first into the paper bag and then into the return envelope.

Send .

free of charge within Germany

Drop the return envelope into the nearest postbox. Shipping within Germany is free of charge.

Check results .

available online

Create a customer account on and register your test inserting the test ID under Service/My orders and answering a form. The results will be available from 1-2 working days after the sample has arrived at our laboratory.